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This LaTeX bundle contains three classes, one for theses and the like, one for presentations, and one for small LaTeX graphics to include in the thesis template. The two former classes aim to recreate the corresponding MS Office templates in use at the Chair of Measurement and Control Engineering (Lehrstuhl für Mess- und Regeltechnik; MRT) of the University of Bayreuth. Along those classes there are several other small packages contained, which provide shared macros used by both of the classes, or might be interesting on their own.

Furthermore there are small example projects included, which show a basic usage example of the classes. There is also a hopefully comprehensive documentation of every package contained in the bundle included. The experiences I gathered with the last template is, that no one reads readmes. As a result I provide the documentation in the form of a PDF in the hopes that more people will read this, though I’ll miss the enjoyment of creating the finest ASCII-art.

For a more exhaustive example of an exotic use of MRTthesis you can take a look at the sources of the documentation.


There are several possibilities of installation. The easiest but unfortunately least favourable possibility would be to place every file needed in the top level of your project. Whilst working for a single project this results in an unclean folder structure of your project and has to be redone for any future project.

The perhaps best way would be local user wide install. This is done by placing the bundle’s folders MRTalone, MRTbeam, MRTif, MRTsfacc, MRTtab, MRTthesis, MRTutil and MRTwuline in your local TeX-tree. For TeX Live on Unix this would by default be /home/<user>/texmf/ therein the packages should belong in tex/latex/MRTbundle. The documentation should be placed in /home/<user>/texmf/doc/latex/MRTbundle but this is optional. For other OSes and TeX distributions the paths may vary. You can get the correct path to your user specific folder by running kpsewhich -var TEXMFHOME in your terminal (at least if you’re running TeX Live).

The third option would be a system wide installation. For this you need admin rights. Place the files in the system wide TeX-tree (again in Unix with TeX Live located in /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/) therein put all folders belonging to an included package or class in tex/latex/MRTbundle. The documentation would belong in /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/doc/latex/MRTbundle. The correct folder can be determined by running kpsewhich -var TEXMFLOCAL. Again installation of documentation is optional. After you placed the files in the system folders you’d have to update your directory indices by running mktexlsr as root. The correct installation can be checked by running kpsewhich MRTthesis.cls or for any other provided package or class.


Copyright © 2018 Jonathan P. Spratte

These files are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

You might redistribute it to fellow students working at the MRT, provided that you clearly mark any changes you made to the copy originally distributed to you. The responsibility for the formatting of ones own thesis or presentation remains at the individual student.

I (the author of this work) don’t take any responsibility for mismatching formatting compared to the latest template for MS Word. I don’t assure that the provided files match the latest official template of the chair. The LaTeX template is not considered official in any means, I’ll maintain it at least as long as I’m a student at the University of Bayreuth on a voluntary basis. I’m not willing to teach everybody how to use LaTeX, but you might ask questions if you encounter any issues related to this bundle. If you ask something that is stated in the documentation, you might get a RTFM as response, however.