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  Jonathan Spratte a84868ac95 removed topanswers from doc :( 2 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 604f25d4f9 patch instead of completely redefine beamer@frameslide 2 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 0e8956fb58 use z@ to end romannumeral expansion 2 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte a0511d6a62 let stdl, altl and arev throw errors outside of pdfTeX 3 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 09105335b4 start fixing LuaTeX and XeTeX support 5 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte a735f25672 use lua-ul if possible 5 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte dc80aa9b01 circuitikz 1.2.2 6 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 2f704ffcb0 MRTcirc documented, slightly restructured 6 months ago
  Jonathan P. Spratte baa2f32280 started MRTcirc 6 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte c0a1b88aac affidavit can parse authors 8 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 61a8ad01b4 remove deprecated expl3 constants 8 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 223a124398 removed inputenc 8 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte c5ca04cae3 documentation rebuild 9 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 59fd9ce4f0 version and date 9 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 1fcaa922f4 Added FixedColumnHeight 9 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte d3f1e32231 bugfix in StretchyLists 9 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte c79e824fa6 academic title of prof on titlepage changed 9 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 5fede4de5c no stretch before chapter heading 10 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte cfbe9723af fix setspace bug 10 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte a75186b12d no global defs in babel's extras 10 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte e2e82cc4e8 added option to StretchyLists 11 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte bf76baf313 fix single page longtable 11 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 5d83110592 MRTtab compatibility longtable v4.13 11 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 97cbde13f1 qpdf object streams for logos 11 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 160ab73416 added ClearLeftFoot, SetLeftFoot; boxing logos 11 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 21f26c1503 added StretchyLists 11 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 57d121e556 missing ! option for bibliographyframe in doc 11 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 3919413c6c added rm test.out 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 2693595ee6 much faster MRTifFexp 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 64a117345c faster ifTokenIn, added ifTokenInDeep 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 19ba21c36b affidavittitle wasn't used 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 98cb6d6673 biblatex newunitpunct bug fixed 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte c510764bcc minor changes in downwards incompatibilities 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 2f3d7c1c20 doc: missing target img from all 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 231e57687a faster romannumeral; OneTokenNoGroup optimized on avarege 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 7ab5a78220 bugfix ifGroup; faster ifGroupNoSpaces 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 65b70df5aa ifempty lccodes in macro 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte e7fb62967a faster ifonetoken and iftwotoken 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 88a4e4f85a ifnowidth in nullfont 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 7386837b02 slight improvement 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte d634b0e94a bugfixes and improvements 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 77eeb18481 added tests for mrtif-macros 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 6765555224 much faster ifdigit; other minor improvements 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 0d5965113d version and dates; documentation 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 141378f284 corrected error message 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 68d330d6bc a bit of restructuring; added MRTifMathMode 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 470f878280 more sensible catcodes 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 3b4a1f4d7a faster ifempty and ifblank tests 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 6b3420aad9 reworked degree guessing 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 3527fce107 plural affidavit added 1 year ago