39 Commits (master)

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  Jonathan Spratte 0e8956fb58 use z@ to end romannumeral expansion 7 months ago
  Jonathan Spratte 2693595ee6 much faster MRTifFexp 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 64a117345c faster ifTokenIn, added ifTokenInDeep 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 2f3d7c1c20 doc: missing target img from all 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 231e57687a faster romannumeral; OneTokenNoGroup optimized on avarege 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 7ab5a78220 bugfix ifGroup; faster ifGroupNoSpaces 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 65b70df5aa ifempty lccodes in macro 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte e7fb62967a faster ifonetoken and iftwotoken 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte d634b0e94a bugfixes and improvements 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 6765555224 much faster ifdigit; other minor improvements 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 0d5965113d version and dates; documentation 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 68d330d6bc a bit of restructuring; added MRTifMathMode 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 470f878280 more sensible catcodes 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte 3b4a1f4d7a faster ifempty and ifblank tests 1 year ago
  Jonathan Spratte fd6e79698e MRTbeam: added ProgressBarColors; minor changes 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 01b698917e no MRTsfacc@fis 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte e0923383f5 added MRTifTokenIn 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 38a266aad3 performance tweaks 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte f2f1176714 added ifBlank and CreateBranchingIfs 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 5c6f6206e5 better endMRTif@argument 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 9342f8a1c7 changed foldmarks 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 54b5681fdd added tllengthS and ifNumTokenS, few performance tweaks 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 8e52b80e07 MRTif performance tweaks and fixing some N-type bugs 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 6e8a56c181 MRTutil added; defsfaccmacro added 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte ac038ad7d6 MRTif: added MRTifFexp 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 0bddfafd67 saner endMRTif@argument 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte d94e8b7e63 MRTif: Performance; OneTokenNoGroup, NumberNoSign, FloatNoSign added 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte d2d65735f4 MRTif: MRTifNumToken added 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 8b4c7fa2c6 versions and dates updated; dropped co-author joke 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte e64d7b1f8f MRTsfacc: list mode, nested detection; MRTif: tllength, ifTwoToken 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte bd5d0c0e45 date format dddd-dd-dd; auto content in MRTthesis; and more 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 4e602590b4 changed ifDigit method to use \ifx tests 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 8e9cd903b3 MRTifDigit and MRTifContainsSpace added 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 0ff80f8a51 added MRTifNumber, MRTifFloat and MRTifContainsGroup; MRTsfacc tests for valid float 2 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte e1c236380b MRTalone and MRTwuline added; thesis and tab adjustments; new options in MRTthesis and MRTtab 3 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 594042e162 versions and dates 3 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte e6b0235dc9 version and date macros 3 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 0c20d9b748 T, F, G, and N variants for MRTif 3 years ago
  Jonathan Spratte 4d3d4c3670 initial 3 years ago